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\''�n-w?rd\ Directed or moving forward, toward a point or position ahead.

Setting a whole new standard in healthcare seating products, Onward embodies forward-thinking design concepts, evidenced in the features detailed below. Consider the replaceable seat and back upholstery covers and the
rugged nylon- webbed steel seat frame, held solidly in place with
metal-to-metal fasteners. Take note of the large handgrip, the clean-out spacing between seat and back, and the wall-saver rear leg design. And then test the sit - so comfortable you�ll almost be sorry when the wait is over! Featuring innovative and proprietary construction methods, the Onward Collection is easily one of the most durable on the market - yet does not sacrifice good looks to achieve this! In fact, its distinctive transitional design lines will complement virtually any healthcare lobby/lounge environment. Built to last, and easily updated and renewed in the field, Onward is a practical choice when it comes to exceeding healthcare requirements. Choosing Onward will be a decision you�ll be glad you made, not just tomorrow but next year, and the year after� and for many years to come.

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