Samsung Phone iDCS 28D Keyset

Samsung Phone iDCS 18D Keyset


he Samsung iDCS 28D 28-button display telephone for the Samsung OfficeServ 7100, 7200, 7400, iDCS 100 and iDCS 500 telphone systems.

Connects to 1 digital station port. 5 year manufacturers warranty, Purchase price does not include installation nor maintenance.

Features of the iDCS 28 button phone:

- Phone System features are one button touch away with the 28 programmable buttons

- Busy Lamp Field so users can see who's on the phone and access one touch intercom

- 2 line LCD screen to show phone status and Caller ID (if enabled) LCD pivots for easy reading

- 3 soft keys for easy access to features and voice mail Built-in, high quality hands-free speaker phone lets users work more efficiently

- Hearing aid compatible

- Easily wall mountable with existing hardware

- 4 more buttons can be added with the KPDF14SDSD - iDCS 14-Button Add-On Module Strip (Dark Gray)

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