Horizon -  ECA  FSB80

FSB80 Horizon ECA New Office Accessory

Horizon offers an impressive range of flat panel display support systems, designed to support one to eight screens. Every model is engineered to exceed your expectations. Concerto is a modular system with the flexibility required in today's workplace. Concerto's refined aesthetics, modular construction and intuitive design is unmatched. Displays are able to tilt 180 degrees, swing 180 degrees side-to-side and rotate 360 degrees. The spring-assisted height adjustment option allows free-floating displays - ideal for sit-to-stand applications. A simple pole height adjustment provides 13" of range makes it easy to achieve ergonomically perfect positions. And Concerto's patented Quick Connect allows fast, efficient installations while requiring a tool for removal, making displays theft-resistant. One to eight monitors The trend in many fields is leading towards multiple screens. The double arm Concerto is perfect for engineering, accounting and design use while the parabolic design, holding four to eight displays in an arc, is ideal for applications such as broadcasting, call center, IT, security and brokerages. Lifetime warranty!

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