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Package BLP001 Global Blocks New Office Filing Cab

Global is pleased to introduce Blocks filing system.

  • Blocks allows for two sided file access which can be used in a variety of applications.
  • Simply choose from a selection of Lower Blocks and Upper Blocks to create unique configurations.
  • In conjunction with work surfaces, Blocks creates functional and space-efficient work spaces.
  • Blocks is quick and simple to set up, configure, and if needed reconfigure.
  • This flexible filing system is designed to meet your future needs - simply unassembled and re-assemble on site.
  • Extended Delivery.
  • BU36P2RF - Upper Block
    Two high, 12 inch openings. 1 Receding door & roll-out shelf, 1 Fixed front drawer. Side-to-side file bars & lock included.
  • BL36P3FFF - Lower Block
    Three high, 12 inch openings. 3 Fixed front drawers. Side-to-side file bars, counterweights and lock included.
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