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 Global Junction New Office Table
JNRU2072 and JNHFS2048 shown in Constellation Vanilla (CSV) laminate. JNLEG20 and JNLEG legs in Tungsten (TU2). Global Accord seating shown in Allante, Espresso (A33E).

Junction is an affordable solution for boardroom, classroom and presentation room applications.

  • A shared leg configuration provides more legroom.
  • Freestanding configurations are also possible by adding legs, allowing worksurfaces to be easily reconfigured while providing flexibility for changing classroom and boardroom environments.
  • Choose from a variety of table top designs: Rectangular, Half Round, Trapezoid and Keystone to create a table for your boardroom, classroom or presentation room.
  • A Freestanding or Shared Leg configuration, with a "Y" leg or Straight leg is available, allowing you to create a permanent table or one that can be reconfigured quickly and easily. Designed by Zooey Chu.
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