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Leave the work cubicle behind.

  • Princeton™ is for a new generation that believes the office doesn't have to be 'the office'.
  • It's more than just a new look, Princeton has a personality just like you.
  • It's about making 'me' feel that I'm still me when I sit down for the day. You are never too young or too old to learn something new.
  • Most desking products were conceived to build out from the wall (ie. the workwall) but Princeton™ builds out from 'you' and where you work.
  • Makes sense when you think of it. And it does the wall thing too for those of us in transition.
  • Princeton™ is about doing more with less space and less budget. How about a really great place to work in less than 50 square feet? And new ways of doing things like a bench that doubles as file storage. Rolling glass doors that reward the eye and the touch. And the tight product map is easy to spec, easy to reconfigure and easy to manage.
  • Layout A3L1 shown in Winter Cherry (WCR) with Graphic seating in Allante, Sea Oyster (A32E).
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