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GLOBALcare is a division of The Global Group with a dedicated focus to healthcare furniture. Along with Global Upholstery and Global Contract products, GLOBALcare is a prime source provider of furniture for hospitals and elder care facilities.

Since established in 1985, our GLOBALcare division has successfully grown to meet the demands of our aging population. Today, GLOBALcare produces products specifically designed to promote correct body positioning and alignment for an enhanced level of wellness, while meeting the quality standards and demands of today’s hospitals, long-term care facilities, assisted living environments, clinics and more.

You may wonder what sets GLOBALcare apart from other healthcare furniture manufacturers… The answer lies within our name; we CARE. We're listening to what people in the healthcare industry have to say, and we're responding to their concerns. GLOBALcare rises above our competition by offering strong consulting resources, a successful problem solving process, superior R.O.I. and comprehensive value added program for products and service with 100% Canadian content.

We ensure that GLOBALcare furniture passes very strict quality healthcare guidelines which are important in an age when we are tackling critical viruses, such as: the Norwalk Virus, West Nile Virus and SARS.

In closing, we are proud of GLOBALcare’s offering and feel that together GLOBALcare and The Global Group are growing stronger to further support your every need.

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