Media Safes

Media Safes

Note. Available in beige only.

White paper records can withstand temperatures up to 350oF (177oC), computer media will be damaged beyond use by temperatures above 125oF (52oC) and humidity of above 80%. Microfiche, microfilm, and all computer media require the added protection of a GARDEX MEDIA SAFE.

RATING: U.L. Class 350 - 1 HR. for safe, and data/media insert was furnace tested by manufacturer to 125oF (52oC) for 1 HR. Our inserts have been furnace tested at 350oF (177oC) 1 HR. Interior temperature remained well below the 125oF (52oC)

DATA PROTECTION: GARDEX MEDIA SAFES protect valuable records from vandalism as well as fire, dust and magnetism. Pull Out media drawers and stationery shelves available. See accessories.

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