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Auctions are one of the most efficient ways of liquidating asset’s, it allows you to liquidate a wide range of products in a relatively short period of time to a vast selection of buyers. If conducted properly Auctions are an excellent way of obtaining a fair market value for your assets.

TRAS Auctioneers when selling on your behalf will complete all necessary tasks including:

  • Initial assessment of assets value
  • Set-up and presentation of all lots
  • Detailed cataloguing of all lots for sale
  • Coordination of viewing, sale and delivery days
  • Preparation and placement of advertising
  • Provide location if assets can not be sold on site
  • Accounting and bookkeeping for accurate management of sale proceeds

TRAS Auctioneers with 25 years of experience conducting Auctions prides it self on never conducting an Auction that couldn’t obtain a fair market value for the assets being sold. We also offer to purchase the assets and sell on our own behalf.


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